RIP Amy Inita Joyner-Francis

The young woman being beat up and killed at school over an ‪#‎MCM‬ post really bothers me. A lot. There’s so much wrong with what happened there. These young kids are so impressionable and have way more access to things beyond their maturity level than ever before. They see grown women arguing and fighting with each other on Love & Hip-Hop, Basketball Wives, Real Housewives etc. over minuscule things. People fussing via social media. YouTube videos of people fighting. I’m sure these things happened when I was in high school 10 years ago…but unless it occurred at my school, I never saw it. I understand that for 15 and 16 year-old kids, it is hard to look at the big picture and whatever is happening today is what is most important, regardless of the consequences or affect it can have on their future. The girls who jumped Amy took her life, and ruined their own. And over what? A boy that in 10 years probably none of them would be with, want, or even see except through social media.

So many people today would rather record something happening than help someone in need. Everything is about a response, or going viral, or getting attention, regardless of how. I went to Amy’s Instagram profile to see the post that caused the drama, and was disgusted to see 20k comments, many of which were people saying to follow them because they posted the video of her getting beat up. Anything for a like or follow. A girl was killed, and there were literally hundreds of comments using it as a way to gain followers on Instagram… the negative affects that social media is having on people and their priorities and mindsets are for a different post.

With that said, the arguing/fighting shit is not cute or funny. Quit praising it. Teach your kids how to communicate effectively & to express & address their feelings, thoughts, and concerns w/o disrespecting other people. I’m 28 and still struggle sometimes with internalizing and having a bad delivery when it finally comes out. I’ve have had to work hard at being able to say what I need to say without blowing up or breaking down.

It’s just so sad, especially for her friends & family. As a mother, I can’t fathom getting a call from my child’s school saying they were killed, and by other kids. ‪#‎RIPAmy‬

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