I need to go back… to the classroom

More certain than death itself is the fact that if you stop practising a foreign language you will forget it faster than The Flash in fast-foward. Not completely, of course, but all that “mojo” you had will be fading little by little up to the point where you start answering “What’s your name?” with “Everyday” (it really happened to me once. No, it wasn’t me who said it, but it was awkward anyway!).

Things get even worse when you’re an English teacher. Because, you know, we must be perfect in the eyes of the students (not). So there I was, having lunch with one of my most brilliant friends (who was a teacher as well) when we got to the same conclusion: Our English was getting rusty!


Ok! Let’s be sincere: it’s not the kind of rustiness a person’d notice when talking to us. No. It’s something internal that will only be solved with a blackboard (could be white as well, no problems) and a piece of chalk.

And this is it, everybody rusty!

Or it could be only our teachers’ heart telling us that we really miss our former profession!

Who knows?!

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