Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it
Lewis Wallace

  1. You, as a human, do not have to be neutral. But you, as someone giving information to the public as a job, should be. A job is a job and if you cannot do it, I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t be in that line of work. Neutrality in news is important because there is much misinformation.
  2. Honesty is important, but emotional appeal is not objectively honest. It’s emotional honesty, that’s it.
  3. If this were the case, you wouldn’t be talking about things from such a privileged perspective. Why are you privileged? Because you’d rather talk about people, who are protected by the laws in first world countries, then spread awareness to the people who are unprotected in their homeland. That’s not to belittle the struggles of the first world country but that is to say that there are countries where people are tossed off buildings for being transgender — rather than being praised for writing an open article about it. That’s privledge.
  4. Journalists should fight back by doing their job. Orson Welles made ‘Citizen Kane’ to expose William Randolph Hearst and did an amazing job at it. Why? Because he used his profession as a movie maker to create a depiction of something without straying from his work. If journalists would honestly report on issues that would shake the average person, rather than making biased opinion and emotional based pieces, then they’d be fighting back.
  5. No, it’s not a political statement. I could go into every debate listing a million reasons I’ve been mistreated, marginalized and met with all sorts of horrible interactions — but I don’t. It doesn’t further my point in debate, it makes me look like that’s the only significant point I have to my arguement and it isn’t. You don’t start a debate in favor of pro-choice/pro-life by saying ‘Well I belong to this community…’ what does that have to do with the topic?

I’m liberal as fuck and even I couldn’t deal with this article. Perhaps it’s because I’m a liberal who realizes this country needs to be bipartisan to run, regardless of how much I disagree with conservatives. Democracy is bipartisan and urging people to make it partisan, be they liberal or conservative, is stupid. It’s segregation. It will destroy this country.

And I’m not okay with that. I believe in this country, I know immigrants come here because it’s a good country at it’s core. Sure, it needs change but demanding that the media be biased? That’s not going to solve the issues. Know what will? Addressing the specific issues and being open to a bipartisan discussion. You don’t have to agree with the opposite side, but you should have the decency to hear them out before you start calling them names.

Or don’t name call. That’s a cool idea. Maybe everyone should stop name calling from either end. Alas, that’s a wish that will never come true while articles like this and places like Breitbart live. Oh well.

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