That time when you can’t understand so-called new era companies

When you are studying in the field of arts, communication, film, or even advertising you think that you won’t live behind a desk and a computer writing down your entrance and leaving hour. In a few words: you won’t be living and working as a factory worker, almost every day doing automated tasks that not longer require your creativity, criteria or knowledge to perform. But welcome to the so-called information and technology era in which you must work for hours and not for results. Welcome to the time in which you must be in the same workspace as your coworkers in order to perform correctly, even if your company has all the elemental tools to work from almost every country in the planet, such as Skype, Outlook, WebEx, among other incredible and so useful tools.

I really feel frustrated to be incapable of understand the reason we must travel 2 hours to get to the office and then return home, again in 2 hours. I really don’t get why some people still think we are just numbers and machines that need to perform in a certain period of time, and even if you are so efficient, you must burn your spare time in the office. Having no life at all. But as they say in this business environment “That is how advertising agencies work in all over the world, if you don’t like it, you could leave”. Really? With all of the human improvements and discoveries, that’s the only thing left to say? Why couldn’t we be more like those giant companies, which are building airplane parts, for real. Such companies know the importance of human resources. HUMAN. They know that in order to function in the company, you must have a life in the outside. You must be inspired by things happening to you, and I’m almost 100% sure that the probability of that, happening behind your desk, is very short.

Some companies presume to be so global and love to tell their local markets that they are prepared to work with them with a local insight, but they can’t even translocate their company values to begin with. How do they dare to think that living in NY, London or Sao Paolo might be the same? How do they dare to think and be so rigid about their policies and think we must follow exactly the same workflow? I think, as a person working on a agency, that creativity, translocation, and ideas must be applied also in the working environment, in order to be congruent and make people, happy. Just like we care for the happy and free cows that give us organic milk, we must apply the same idea for HUMANS. We need sometimes to be free and have more flexible work hours in order to deliver the job.

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