Top 5 organization apps for your tablet (2016 edition)

​If you have a tablet or an IPad it can prove to be a great tool when used correctly. It’s easy to carry around so I try to keep things that I constantly need in my tablet. I love productivity apps and at least once a month spend my time checking for the newest apps, the list below are the ones that I’ve used and found effective for the past year (or more). All of this apps are free.
1. Google Drive: I have a folder in my computer connected to google drive, so that anything that I save in there is automatically uploaded to the cloud and updated into all of my devices. This app has saved my ass many times that I’ve needed to consult a document or sent one in a hurry from my tablet or phone. I recommend you keep all your school/college/ work documents in there.

2. Gmail: Gmail is my e-mail of choice mostly because my college online platform works better with it but I recommend you keep the app that belongs to your email in your tablet or IPad, it’s important to stay connected now a days, you never know when you might need to read/ send an important e-mail.

3. Play books: I love this app simply because my books update in all of my devices, so I can read the same book in the same page I left it from my computer, phone and tablet whenever I want. The layout of the books is beautiful and it gives you the option to highlight, write notes and use a dictionary.

4. Google documents: Great tool, this past semester I’ve learned to use it for different projects where I needed to work with other people. It’s very similar to office word but has the advantage of it being online, so you have the same feature of play books and drive where you have your content in all of your devices. It’s great for group projects because it can be edited by several people at the same time.

5. OneNote: Very similar tool to google docs but this gives you a little bit more freedom regarding colors, drawings and image placing. Thanks for reading!
​ Please leave comments bellow with your app suggestions.