Flixxo — a social economy based on a video distribution community

On today’s social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, there is a type of value that can be easily transffered between all types of users (members of this social media). Let’s simply call it Like. Whether it is a picture of your pet, a joke, o drawing or a short video, for absolutely every contribution to the community, likes are seen as a recognition for a good job and they become an incentive for developing new, diverse, high quality content. But because there is an unlimited supply of these likes (let’s remember, it’s not as if anyone ran out of likes on Facebook in the entiry history of this network), likes have no actual value and users give away likes even to low quality content or even fake news.

Have you ever asked yourself — what if we can create scarcity value on likes by turning them into a freely transferable tradable token without limited isuance? What would actually happen if we tranformed likes into likecoins? Here is where crypto currency comes into the ecuation.

If you were to use digital money, everything would change. On one hand, you would have to think twice before handing out your tokens in exchange for low quality contributions. The reason is simple and quite obvious — because your stock of likecoins is actually limited. On the other hand, you would be able to give away as many likecoins as you wish, on certain content that you have really enjoyed and wish others to enjoy as well. You could earn your likecoins bacl — but this would mean that you should have actually contributed to the social network. Nowadays, almost all of the social media platforms are turning to video as the dominant resource for engaging users on their platforms. But video still relies upon huge costs on storage and bandwidth. By using a token such as likecoin, Flixx, the users of the new social network Flixxo are engaged in helping improve video distribution network by simply lending their storage space and their bandwidth in exchange of tokens. Spending Flixx for consuming the content they really want to watch and earning Flixx back, for making the network stronger. Wheter was a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer (or even a smart TV), Flixxo smartly uses any device connected to the internet turning it into a part of a decentralized incentivized peer-to-peer network that has no structural cost and unlimited scaling possibilities.

Flixxo’s main features include

  • Simple to use by non crypto currency users
  • User friendly
  • Available from all types of devices
  • New gaming experience, through its rewards and the social interactions it creates

Find out more regarding the Flixxo team, the use of the blockchain and how decentralized payments are made, view and analzye the design of the platform and discover how are funds allocated by visiting the official Flixxo website at www.flixxo.com. Read the whitepaper at http://www.flixxo.com/assets/docs/flixxo-white-paper_v0.4.pdf and get ready to be part of the token sale.