Old souls?

Does one’s age correlate to their mental maturity? People love to use the phrase “…for your age”, as though there is some standard for how we should act at each age. To go a step further, I have several friends who feel as though they think on a level that is exclusive to those with more years on this planet. For what it’s worth, I can align with that sentiment, but it is in fact incorrect.

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. Firstly, anyone who uses that terminology or has that mindset is making a massive assumption that everyone their age thinks the same way. Just because your peers who you normally interact with think similarly doesn’t mean everyone your age does. Furthermore, it’s quite pretentious to think that you are the only one out of all of your peers who is on a higher intellectual level. Who’s to say that your level isn’t the standard for your age? What tools or techniques are you using to determine that your peers think on a lower level than you to begin with? There are just so many things wrong with this reasoning.

Secondly, you’re assuming that older folk think on a higher level. Generally speaking, older folk have more to think about, since they’ve experienced more. However, that doesn’t mean their ability to think is greater, or more developed than that of a younger person. For all we know, there are children who can already outthink everyone reading this blog.

Ultimately, you’re allowed to feel or believe whatever you want. This superiority complex only becomes a problem when it begins affecting your actions. If you feel that you’re on a different intellectual level than your peers, you don’t have to shun or belittle them. The only thing that age grants you is experience, and by cutting off your peers you’re preventing yourself from a large chunk of those experiences. Hanging out by yourself or with older people who have already experienced more than you will cause you to fall behind in that category.

If you’re not impressed with your friends’ intellectual prowess, make more friends. I assure you that you aren’t the only person your age who is mentally “mature” by your standards. Expanding your social network only gets harder as you get older, don’t waste your youth!

That is all, thanks for reading! As usual, swing by next week for another entry!