Audience Research for Body Image Discussion

By Dania Yamout

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I plan to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as my primary platforms for use for my end of term project focusing on the upcoming Lebanese American University’s (LAU) discussion panel on body image. I would also like to incorporate Pinterest or YouTube as part of my social media strategy if possible.

While I’m still in the preliminary stages of planning a social media strategy in preparation for this event, there are topics that I would like to incorporate in more detail. These topics include: Body image, beauty ideals and standards, feminism, cosmetic surgery, women’s rights, self-esteem, gender inequality, empowerment, media literacy, mental health and female role models.

I decided to begin by compiling a list of Twitter accounts that will provide me with a good starting point for my project. My Twitter list, named Body Image & Feminism include: Body Image Movement, loveourbodies, Everyday Feminism, Proud2BMe, Dove,, Adios Barbie, Feminist Frequency, Malala Fund, NEDA, and UN Women, Nasawiya, and Nadine Mouawad. Of course, I do plan to utlize LAU’s accounts, in particular LAU’s Communication Arts department (LAUComm).

With all of this in mind, I believe my ideas listed above is a good starting point in preparation for the panel. I look forward to adding more influencers to my list and sharing them with you as my social media strategy continues to develop.

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