Twitter: In 60 Days

An in-depth look into my Twitter account performance between September 1 and October 30th, 2016

By Dania Yamout

Twitter Analytics (

Twitter Analytics is a useful tool in summarizing my Twitter activity between September 1 and October 30th, 2016. By incorporating Twitter Analytics, I am hoping to improve my performance in order to engage more people on Twitter.

Twitter Activity

Throughout this 60 day period, 33 tweets were made, 5.7K impressions were earned, and an engagement rate of 2.4% was achieved. During this time, the engagement rate peaked at 3.8% on October 30th, 2016. These 33 tweets also earned 3 replies, 26 likes, 4 retweets, and 7 link clicks.

My top followers during this period are Brand and Nancy Badillo, who have a combined number of 864K followers. My most popular tweet, posted on October 19 which concerned Quantum Communication and Jigsaw earned a total of 450 impressions and 22 total engagements.

My most popular tweets of this period showcased Quantum Communication, how Anonymous is taking on ISIS, and a great fact checking article. These were tweeted on October 19th and 26th respectively, and are as follows:


Currently I have 27 followers on Twitter. I believe that the number of my followers increased as a result of having taken the first step by following the Twitter accounts of people and organizations that are in line with my interests.

My most active follower on Twitter is Nancy Badillo, who has accumulated an impressive 205,070 tweets on her page.

My most useful or informative followers would include LAUComm, LAU’s Communication Arts account, and of course my friends. I am fortunate enough to have one celebrity follower, Juliet Landau, an amazing television and film actress, and daughter of the brilliant Martin Landau.

I believe there is a strong correlation between the amount of tweets people make and their relevance in terms of information needs. Generally speaking, the more tweets people make, the better informed their followers are of current developments.


I created 8 lists on Twitter for the main purpose of keeping my wide range of interests organized and easy to follow. A seperate list was created for each topic. These topics are as follows: Friends, Canada & Lebanon, Disney, News, Creativity/Art, Movies/TV, Celebs, and Social Media.

  1. Friends: My Friends list is my only private list. All my other lists on Twitter are made public.

2. Canada & Lebanon: My Canada & Lebanon list has only 2 members. This list was created to represent the two countries I consider to be home. I am hoping to add more members to this list in the near future.

3. Disney: As a huge Disney fan, I created a list exclusively for Disney. The 7 members in this list keeps me up-to-date with news, career options, and animation updates.

4. News: My News list contains 24 members, which is the largest number of members of all of my lists. The members include a variety of news sources, broadcast news such as BBC News, newspapers such as the New York Times, Business periodicals such as Forbes, comedic satire such as The Daily Show, and eTalk for light entertainment news.

5. Creativity/Art: My Creativity/Art list whose 13 members include Behance, ImagineFX Magazine, Getty Images and Creative Bloq. This list focuses on art, inspiration, and design tips in order to boost creativity for aspiring artists. I would further classify this as a hobby or inspiration list.

6. Movies/TV: My Movies/TV list focuses on 13 members. This list not only provides movie related news, but also gives me access to movie magazines and television channels that are not available in Lebanon. There are also members that specifically target the movie fandoms of Star Wars and Harry Potter.

7. Celebs: My Celebs list follows the 19 personal accounts of celebrities or public figures. They include Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, television host Steven Colbert, singer Lady Gaga, as well as actors Nathan Fillion, Emma Watson, Ricky Gervais and Misha Collins.

8. Social Media: My Social Media list has 9 members which provides social media related news and insights which include trends, tips, and tutorials. The members of this group tweet quite frequently, and the amount of information and resources they provide is substantial.

I typically check my Twitter lists everyday or once every couple of days. The time I spend browsing through the articles depends on how much time I have. It goes without saying that they are very helpful in staying up to date, and staying organized. However it is very easy to be overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information that is available.

Looking Forward

Simply put, I feel that the best way to enhance my Twitter experience is to spend more time on Twitter. With so much information available on Twitter there is no shortage of things to learn, and easy access to interesting articles and tutorials are available. The biggest challenge is finding the time to learn all the things that I need to know.

Having recently discovered Twitter Analytics, I found it extremely helpful in understanding the interactions that can occur when a tweet is created. By utilizing Twitter Analytics, one can learn how to increase tweet impressions, the best way to increase the engagement rate, and what methods you can incorporate to increase subscribers.