A Little Bit About Me

I’m a 21 year old freelance Graphic Designer from Midland, Ontario, Canada. I grew up here, and rarely left apart from some time I lived in Hamilton Ontario, and Penetanguishene Ontario with family.

I started my interests in Graphic Design at a fairly young age, after watching my cousin do some of his Graphic Design (GD) homework on his computer and I was absolutely mesmerized at how he can manipulate things like text and images to create and entirely new concept. It was incredible, and I had to learn how to do it.

After studying him and asking questions for a while, I tried to do something similar on my computer in the basement apartment of our house where my Mom and I stayed. I didn’t have photoshop then, and didn’t even really know what that was, but I new that I could get some pictures of something I liked or thought was interesting, add some effects ( which at the time was rotating the picture on an angle, or some colour changes) and some text, and there I’d have it! A finished design. Of course this would look nothing like my cousins work, since he had a 7,000.00$ computer and access to top of the line GD programs, but I was getting there.

Eventually I got serious about becoming a designer and asked for a loan of 3000.00$ from my Uncle to get me a Macbook Pro so I could start my design business. I got a hold of photoshop and quickly learned from experience and by watching some tutorials on YouTube — Phlearn being my all time favourite. I then started my own freelance business (more so just a name to go by) called Divine Design, which after much time spent has been recently rebranded to Daniel Lucas Designs.

Here we are now — I’m 21, a professional graphic designer, and on my way to doing what I love for the rest of my life. What more can you ask for?