“I have taught one thing, and one thing only, dukkha and the cessation of dukkha.” — Buddha

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Dukkha is commonly translated as “suffering”, “anxiety”, “stress”, or “unsatisfactoriness”. The concept of Dukkha set the foundation for Buddhism. The Truth of Dukkha is the first teachings of the doctrine of the Fourth Noble Truths.

Dukkha is categories into three types:

  • The physical and mental suffering linked with birth, growing old, illness and dying
  • The anxiety and depression of trying to hold on things that are constantly changing
  • A continuous unsatisfactoriness in all forms of existence as everything in life is changing and impermanent. It implies a lack of satisfaction, a sense that things never meet our expectations.

To end suffering, humans need to develop insight into the nature of Dukkha, the causes, and how to overcome it. …

Finding yourself not only waste your time but also get you lost

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“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

It’s a common belief that if people get lost and have no direction in their lives, they will pack and get on a journey to find themselves, to discover their purposes and their missions. In movies, you often see a character traveling to Tibet with little money after quitting everything to start his new life. Finally, he comes back home and become special and successful. All of those scenes happen in 90 minutes.

In reality, it takes him thousands of dollars to get there. He suffers from hunger, diarrhea, mugging, or even fatal risks. …


Did you know that you can be chemically addicted to your negative thoughts?

“Your thoughts carry you wherever you want to go. Weak thoughts don’t have the energy to carry you far!”
“Your thoughts carry you wherever you want to go. Weak thoughts don’t have the energy to carry you far!”
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It was found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Surprisingly, 80% were negative, and 95% were exactly the same thoughts as the day before.

Our tendency to overly concern bad things and ignore good things is likely a result of evolution. Earlier in human history, being alert of dangerous, and negative threats in the world was truly a matter of life and death.

Those who were more adapted to danger and aware of the bad things around them were more likely to survive.

This psychological phenomenon explains why bad first impressions can be so difficult to overcome and why past traumas can have such long lingering effects.

Thousands of friends on social media but can find nobody to pour out your soul

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Members of Gen Z — people ages 15 to 21 — reported the worst mental health of any generation published in the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America report of nearly 3,500 interviews with people ages 18 and older, plus 300 interviews with teenagers ages 15 to 17.

According to a new nationwide survey conducted by global health service company Cigna, America is currently undergoing a “loneliness epidemic” with almost 50% of participants feeling isolated based on the analysis of 20,000 adults aged 18 and older of UCLA.

In the modern technology era, it’s much easier to connect with people around the globe. With just an app, we can text anyone in just a second which suppose to bring us closer. But this is not the case. Instead of making genuine connections, technology has been a culprit in separating people apart. …

Why the rich have more free time but still make much more money?

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The mindset is the main factor that makes people rich or poor | Credit: © depositphotos.com|

A 2017 survey from Fidelity Investments found that 88 percent of millionaires are self-made. Only 12 percent inherited huge money (at least 10 percent of their wealth), and most did not grow up in exclusive country club neighborhoods. The majority of millionaires went to college and are married or partnered.

As you can see, the vast majority of rich people come from the middle-class or so. I want to show you this statistic because most people keeping claiming that if they weren’t into wealth, there’s no way for them to become prosperous.

In the past, Andrew Carnegie — who was the industrialist in the steel industry or John D. Rockefeller — who was the tycoon dominating the oil industry didn’t come from a wealthy family. They were poor and struggled for a living but they managed to beat their circumstances to become the richest men in modern history. …

We are living in a society embracing materialism not spiritual values

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“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.”
— Anonymous proverb

When I was young, I wished to become an adult as soon as possible. In my child-self mind, I thought adults were happy and free as they could do what they want without permission from parents.

Time’s gone fast, I am not a kid anymore. I am now an adult with many responsibilities, worry, and confusion. I realized that “Being an adult is a burden”

Right now, as I am writing this story, my head is spiraling with many negative thoughts. I read tons of articles and books on the subject of “stop worrying and start living”, but it doesn’t help to calm my mind. …

No experience needed-be your own boss

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Let’s dive into 8 High Paying Work From Home Online Jobs with literally zero experience needed in 2020 that allows you to make a decent income working from home and making money online. It’s never been easier to make money online in 2020 than right now. Does it sound too good to be true?

The best part is you are able to set your own schedule, make your own hours, and earn profit working from home. There isn’t much requirement of technical or coding skills, what you need is your laptop or smartphone. Let’s get started!

1. High Ticket Closer

For any type of sale, no matter what you do, what company you work for anywhere in the world, you pretty much have to sell something. This means you need people to actually sell it. …

Researchers question whether a mutated viral strain that infected more cells in a lab dish is more transmissible among humans.

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Transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2. Credit: Getty Images

The COVID-19 pandemic just hit Vietnam after several months of zero cases. Information from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam showed that more than 11 people were infected COVIDC-19, most of whom are medical staff in Da Nang(1).

With zero death from COVID-19 so far, Vietnam has done an excellent job in preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2. According to the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, this new strain has never existed in Vietnam(2).

A preprint study about a particular mutation involving the “spikes” studding the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen had previously drawn attention, and that investigation has now been peer-reviewed and published in Cell. The paper details a change in one amino acid in the virus that may have made it more infectious. …

“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.”

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Things have changed. When you see something you like, just double-tap or you see something you dislike, tweet about it. If you are in a relationship, you want to update your relationship status on Facebook. Also, if you want to find out your credit score, do it online with a trusted agency. You want to trade stock, use an app. You are interested in buying new clothes, do some online shopping.

Track your calories, use an app. Have a health problem, google it. You always go out with your phone. What could possibly go wrong?

The darkest corners of this industry have yet to be exposed to any light whatsoever. Every location you visited physically can be recorded. This valuable data is now a commodity that is traded amongst a handful of companies. …


Unique corporate culture to attract and retain talented people.

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Human resources are the main driving force of the company. How to recruit talented employees and retain them to work is a challenge for big corporates.

Over the past decade, we have witnessed the massive growth of some tech giants featuring Apple, Google, and Samsung. What is their secret? What made them so flourishing?

It all boils down to effective and unique personnel management. Let discover the common strategies that these tech giants used to manage their employees.


Employees are given freedom within the framework.

“We always try to create common places that people can easily connect with each other,” said Laszlo Bock, former vice president of human resources department at Google. …


Daniel St. Joseph

Dan is passionate about writing to motivate people and share his experience, knowledge to enhance personal development.|BSc Biochemistry|.

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