“Who Gives A Fuck About a Goddamn Grammy?”

Here’s a newsflash for you, the Grammys don’t just ignore deserving artists of color; they ignore deserving white artists too. It has always been this way. This year’s winners were right in line with the type of lightweight, mass popularity pop that the Grammys were created to promote in the first place. The only people who take the Grammys seriously are Taylor Swift’s Instagram followers and Mr. Kardashian. The Grammys are nothing more than a bloated made-for-TV spectacle run by the trade organization of the music industry. Here are some classic albums by legendary white artists that didn’t even get nominated. Kendrick Lamar has way more in common with these artists than he does with the likes of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Kendrick should proudly take his place among such esteemed company.

Rubber Soul — The Beatles

Highway 61 Revisited — Bob Dylan

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Ziggy Stardust — David Bowie

Horses — Patti Smith

Dark Side of the Moon — Pink Floyd

London Calling — The Clash

Remain in Light — Talking Heads

Unknown Pleasures — Joy Division

Nevermind — Nirvana

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