Studio Daze: Guitar

A collection of studio stories. Part 3.

Let me start off by saying we haven’t finished. We still have a lot of guitar to record. Although we did make a good dent, 7 out of 9 songs have electric rhythm guitar on them at the moment — and since we aren’t finished we’ll keep this short.

As many of you know we had a few days booked at Seaside Lounge Recording Studio, in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was there at we recorded what we have so far. We lined up a bunch of amps and set off on a bunch of experimentation.

We lined them up in the live room and experimented with which mics fit with each amp.

As for the guitars we had a line up of Gibsons and Fenders . Some songs we double tracked guitar (recorded one take, then recorded the same take over the original) with two different guitar set ups — this worked out well to give us a variety of tones.

A particularly fun song to work on was California Parties which has a punk/surf feel to it. Check out the video below for some of the lead guitar that was recorded for that track.

A quick lesson for those recording electric rhythm guitar — keep it simple and straight forward. You’ll start to realize that making it more fancy or fun is a recipe for falling out of the groove of the song and not really reinforcing it.

Next up on studio stories is keys. All of which are done. ☺

Studio Daze is series chronicling some process and stories behind recording a record. Daniel and The Den is a solo project by Daniel Mendes. I welcome everyone to reach out via Twitter or Facebook and show their support for the project. I love you all.
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