Safex Commerce, The Road to Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption

This is a good time to be alive, and even better time to be a consumer. More than 1.6 billion people around the globe are well aware of that. E-commerce has made our lives so much easier that we’ve been spending nearly 2.3 trillion USD in 2017 alone. And this trend is not going to stop. It is estimated that by the end of 2021 global e-retail sales will reach 4.5 trillion dollars! Increasing internet availability to more people and the advent of cryptocurrency is going to double global e-commerce sales in less than 5 years. And even then e-retail will take only 15% of all retail sales, so there will still be more room to grow. Safex is tapping into this because I know, as a founder and participant in the Cryptocurrency Evolution for half a decade, I know the power that Cryptocurrency brings to my fingertips. This same power is the reason that we will increase Cryptocurrency usage 20x to over 100 million people next year because of Safex, the emission curve, and Safex marketplace. Continue reading…

159 million customers within two years on a breakthrough E-commerce Platform — Safex is the breakthrough in Cryptocommerce

But if you think big players such as Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba are already controlling the market, think again. Let’s take for example from Huang Zheng, an ex-Google engineer and what he did. He created Pinduoduo, a Shanghai-based startup, that became one of China’s largest e-commerce site in just two years. The meteoric rise of this startup concerned even Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, and it showed there is a huge unmet demand for e-commerce.

Pinduoduo is combining e-commerce and social media into a new online shopping experience for not so wealthy Chinese people. They captured a market of low-income people from China’s villages and smaller towns focusing on collective buying possibilities rather than the individual. Partnering with Tencent’s WeChat platform they encourage users to invite friends to buy a product and get a price reduction. If someone finds a product he wants on the site and they invite enough friends who want to buy the same product on WeChat group, they all can get up to a 90% discount. This business model helped the company to acquire more than 150 million costumers and it has become the third most valuable e-commerce platform in China. The most important take away from this is that by developing a specific use case; within two years the company has an immense customer base.

Innovative approach of bringing Cryptocurrency directly to the marketplace for goods and services

Massive opportunities of worldwide e-commerce cannot be ignored but neither the massive problems. One of them is the difficulty of payment. So the next step in the evolution of e-commerce will be bridging gaps to people who are not well connected through the banking system. Cryptocurrencies are the only suitable method for transactions over the internet and therefore for buying goods and services online. Combining these two will solve the problems not just for the world of e-commerce but also for the world of cryptocurrencies. And SAFEX is set to do just that. The Safex Marketplace together with the Safex Cash Cryptocurrency will bring more merchants on the Internet Map than ever before. Yes there are 4 billion people who are not yet on the internet and Safex Blockchain will bring the impetus and incentive for those people to enter the global market.

With its own decentralized marketplace, Safex has huge potential to bring the commercial use to cryptocurrency and allow you to trade with people you could never have traded with before. This idea will take online shopping to the next level, and bring the massive adoption to the world of cryptocurrency that we have all been expecting. By changing the e-commerce into the crypto commerce, c-commerce, Safex can make the world better, faster and a more connected place. More diverse range of goods and availability will be in the reach of more people. Currently, a group of professional and highly enthusiastic people from the Safex development team are working to making it a reality. Every person on the Earth will be able to do Christmas shopping this year in the Safex marketplace. It is going to be the first Christmas shopping that is completely secure and cryptonomous with the lowest friction for making purchases or getting paid. Crypto commerce is upon us.

Safex Blockchain is a brand new platform in E-commerce that brings Cryptocurrency closer to home and into the hands of more people around the world…

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