I’ve Designed A Program That Will Change Your Life

I’ve been struggling to write this for a week because I’m nervous, excited and a bit scared — all at once.

Perfect. Those are the exact feelings that let me know I’m about to do something big.

So let me just come out and say it:

I’m creating a hybrid workshop + mastermind that I wholeheartedly believe is capable of changing your life forever.

It’s called Ascent.


First and foremost, what’s my goal here?

I know that “change your life” is a bold statement. And I’m not Oprah. So what’s the deal?

The goal of Ascent is very simple: to get you to where I am in 12 months — running an business that makes you high six or seven figures, both passively via digital products and actively via services like coaching, speaking and writing.

You’ll learn how to build a massively popular brand and online business that can become the launching pad for whatever you want to do with your career, whether that’s writing a book or launching a company or connecting with the world’s biggest influencers.

Hold up….what exactly is a mastermind?

Basically, it’s a coaching group of 20–30 people who are all dedicated to improving their life and business. Over the period of a year, you will network like crazy, stretch yourself to complete work that you never thought you’d be able to do and hit your biggest goals so often you’ll have to continually set new ones.

The leader (yours truly) is responsible for making sure that every member of the group is clear on their goals and objectives, including all the necessary action steps to get to the next level.

Think of a mastermind as your own personal board of advisors, where you’ll go with challenges, roadblocks and the day-to-day problems that all entrepreneurs face. It is a team effort.

Who is this for?

  • Ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to scale to high 6 or 7 figures quickly.
  • This program is not for beginners. You should be making at least 5-10k/mo on average with your business for this to be a good fit. We are looking for people who already have a history of executing on their ideas.*
  • Your business can be online or offline. It can be a product or a service.
  • You don’t have to be in your 20's.
  • You do have to be smart, interesting and willing to work.

*Admission to the program is not contingent on how much revenue you’re making. However, money tends to be a reliable progress indicator and the program does come with a significant financial commitment, so you’ll need to be able to pay for it. Bottom line. Lots of time, energy and resources will be required on both of our parts.

I need to be as crystal clear as possible — this is not for “beginners.” If you’re in the idea stage, this is not for you. You should already be making things happen in the real world before you apply.

How Does Ascent Work?

The most important detail is that this is not strictly “digital.”

We will be meeting as a group 3–4 times in 2018 in various exotic cities throughout the US for a long weekend. The first meet up will be held here in Los Angeles in late January 2018.

These meetings will be your critical “inflection points.”

You’ll check in on Thursday. We’ll hug, talk shop and meet everyone.

Then, it’s game time. Over the next 3 days (Friday-Sunday), I’ll hit you with the best stuff I have — and you’re going to learn it all at a deep level.

The curriculum includes:

  1. How to make content that gets seen, read, heard by millions of people
  2. How to turn attention into $$
  3. How to develop digital products and coaching services that make $50k+/mo regularly
  4. How to network like a badass and meet influencers/connectors who can help you
  5. How to set up automated systems to make all this shit happen quickly

There’s more. These are just some of the juicy nuggets. You will internalize this information and every quarter, your business will make leaps.

Not a minute will be spared during this three day weekend, and each day will have a specific focus + actionable takeaways.

>> We’ll spend one of our three days on a specific theme — for instance: copywriting, getting speaking gigs, social media mastery, etc. Obviously the entire weekend is designed to help every aspect of your biz, but I find it useful to have a dedicated focus for at least one day so that we can go deep.

>> We’ll spend another day doing 1-on-1 and small group work. This is also known as a “hot seat.” You’ll have the opportunity to unpack everything that’s going on with your business in front of the entire group and get specific feedback on what to do.

  • “Tweak this headline.”
  • “Use this software instead.”
  • “Try looking here for new customers.”
  • “Use this approach.”

We’ll help you figure out what’s working, what’s not, and where to cut the fat so that’s it’s nothing but win after win. No fluff.

The third day of the mastermind will be spent with world-class experts.

Expert Guests

You don’t get to where I am — building a huge online biz, bestselling book, published in outlets all over the world, brag, brag, etc — without developing a powerful network along the way. This is something I’ve worked assiduously to build over the last 5 years.

Now, I’m opening that hard-earned group of baller friends to you.

Every live event, I’ll be inviting 2–3 expert guests who are leaders in their fields.

(For example: bestselling authors, moguls and thinkers like Tom Bilyeu, Lori Griener and John Romainello).

This is great news for you.

So, if you need help with…

  • Facebook ad strategy
  • Affiliate launches
  • SEO
  • Leveraging Amazon
  • Self-publishing a book
  • Setting up a brick-and-mortar store
  • Etc

I’ve got an expert friend who can help you. And they’ll rock your world.

Sounds great! But what about the rest of the year?

I’m so glad you asked.

We’ll meet in person for 12–15 days over the course of the program…but what about all the other days of the year?

Do. Fucking. Work.

In-between the live meet ups, you’ll be able to connect to the group via our private online forum. This will be the place where you show us what you’re working on, get valuable feedback and contribute.

Once a month, there will be a group phone call led by me where we’ll share progress points, help you through sticking points and give you some actionable advice on where to focus your efforts next.

This all leads to…

Our Quarterly 1-on-1 Strategy Call

A few weeks before each live event (approximately every 3 months) you and I will get on the phone together to make sure that you are absolutely prepared for the next live meet up.

Ideally, you’ll be implementing everything you’ve learned and you’re completely crushing it. We’ll go over your numbers and goals together to streamline your focus. We’ll determine where you’re biggest areas for improvement are, then work to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done.

This is how we’ll ensure that you go into each quarter with energy, confidence and ability.

Oh, word?! How do I apply?

I’ve been looking for a way to work with fewer people on a much deeper level — so I’m beyond pumped to start this process.

>> If you’d like to be considered for the Ascent program, you can apply here.

The program begins in January and response has been overwhelming. It will close well before then. If you’re serious about your business and creating the life that you know you deserve and can have, then don’t miss this opportunity.

Space is limited and I want you on this journey with me.

Let’s crush this.