You are enough.

Our souls yearn, as they always have, to feel complete. And we so often look outside ourselves to feel this. Good things become instruments of torture: women, men, art, work, recognition, food, and the list goes on, and we try to use these things to make us feel whole, but the truth is, we are enough. Just as a newborn is enough. We have all we will ever need to be whole and that will never change no matter how successful or prestigious your job is, or how beautiful your partner is, or how much you love them.

We’re not searching for another to make us whole, we’re searching for another who is whole, and who wishes to dance with our wholeness. Our desire isn’t just to be whole. Our desire is to dance with another. And to truly dance with another requires two wholes; not two halves to create one whole, but two wholes that create a third thing.

It’s then that we feel even more powerfully and magically the mystery and magnificence of our existence.

We miss them (whoever they are) as though we are not quite whole. But that is because we used them to fill an emptiness in us; as though they were a missing part. The answer is not to get them back or find another to fill the emptiness, to complete our lack of wholeness (it didn’t work in the first place, it will fail again), the answer is to allow the magic of creation that continues on, and exists all around us, to fill us so that we are whole. Just us, just as we are.

Let the magic of creation, the magic of existence, fill your emptiness, fill the parts that you feel are missing from you, and then do what you love and be with who you love from that place of your God-given-right-of-wholeness.

Must you believe in magic? I believe so. But I don’t believe that magic discriminates, like the sun, it shines on us and gives us its warmth whether we believe there is a sun or not. So whether you believe or not, this magic shall go to work however it sees fit. But as you breathe and allow yourself to feel the miracle of every breath, you may become aware of the magic that occurs every 4 seconds, and when you open yourself up to that magic, it might well invite all its friends and a party will begin within your soul.

You are enough. And you are whole in this moment; it is a matter of becoming aware of it. And as your awareness grows and grows so will your sense of wholeness, and so will you fill the world.

Hope cannot die in a space of infinite hope, and life cannot be taken from you once you see that it is contained within you, just as you are contained in it, just as it does not bend to the rules of time. You are eternally in this moment, and all you need and all you will ever need is right here in it.

And in it the world is dancing with you.