SharePoint Fest Discount Code

Daniel Glenn
Jan 7 · 1 min read
SharePoint Fest Discount Code is: GLENN100
SharePoint Fest Discount Code is: GLENN100
SharePoint Fest Discount Code is: GLENN100

Are you looking for a conference to meet top speakers, learn about Microsoft 365 technologies, and get free one-on-one guidance on your implementation? SharePoint Fest is the place to be!

Discount Code is GLENN100

To get $100 off of SharePoint Fest, use the code GLENN100 when registering — or just click the link above to have the code pre-filled for you!

SharePoint Fest Covers All of Microsoft 365

The conference may have ‘SharePoint’ in its title, but it is so much more than just document management! Come learn Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Power Automate, Microsoft Graph, Yammer, Office, and more!


SharePoint Fest Washington DC is April 13 — April 17, 2020

Learn all about the conference via this link and then use code GLENN100 to save $$$!

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