User adoption urban myths

Daniel Glenn
Aug 30 · 1 min read

While at SharePoint Fest, Sarah Haase and I recorded the 5th episode of The Coffee Chat on 365 Adoption series. Our previous episodes have included topics on: Why is user adoption so difficult? How to run effective user adoption events, user adoption planning, and more!

For this episode, we tackled the user adoption urban myths and misnomers — sort of a ‘mythbuster’ episode. We went through several myths that we see in organizations today. These included one suggested by Darrell Webster: “We hire smart people. They’ll figure out how to use Office 365 for themselves.”

Other myths included “If you build it, they will come”, “Once the killer feature is here, these tools will sell themselves” and one of my favorites: forcing people to volunteer as a champion of adoption will actually succeed.

Check out the latest episode and all of the episodes for the podcast series at go.RE365.Show/CoffeeChat

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