To mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, health officials highly recommend staying at home and isolating. The pandemic is serious, and with many people heeding this warning, some designers have found it challenging to stay creatively motivated during this time. Isolation can be socially draining in addition to being mentally…

Color is a powerful element of design, and when used well it can have a significant impact on your marketing and branding. But in order to use color effectively, you need to understand how to use it, and this is where color theory comes in.

Daniel Gysel

Graphic design, like all forms of art, varies greatly from year to year due to passing trends. In 2019, graphic design was dominated by bright colors, illustrations, and iconification. Two more trends that made an appearance over the past year, gradients and decorative typography, are predicted to remain popular as…

Daniel Gysel

Daniel Gysel lives in Tampa, FL and works in web development as the CEO & Creative Director at DANG Designs. Learn more

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