Different Styles Of Architecture Around The World Throughout History

Daniel Hewes
Jun 28, 2018 · 3 min read

Styles of architecture vary greatly over the years throughout history and across different regions, traditions, and cultures. Each unique style offers something special to the community it is built in as well as the entire world, providing forms of art, functionality, innovation, and growth. A particular architectural style can be born for a variety of different reasons including updates in technology, readily available materials, eco-friendly practices, and much more. Listed below are some of the common styles of architecture seen throughout history and all around the world.

Gothic Architecture

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This is an architectural style that was popular in the 12th century in Europe where it lasted to the 16th century. These buildings are mostly made of stone structures where they used masons’ efforts to try and solve all the problems that occur during construction. The buildings were known to have Tall designs which swept upwards and this was made possible by the flying buttress. The builders would scale new heights to allow them reach up into the clouds and sky, the perfect examples are the cathedrals and churches. The gothic structures often contained a pointed arch that was said to support weight comparing to spindly pillars. The ceiling would be made in a vertical design, which showed achievements from the pointed arches where it would spread weight and force from upper floors. The distribution of force would enable vaults to be built in different sizes and shapes.

Ancient Roman Architecture

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This style was adapted from Greek architecture by the ancient Romans but the buildings were a bit different from the Greek. The buildings mostly flourished in the empires and human republics. New materials were used during the construction such as concrete, as well as newer technologies like dome and arch to ensure the building is strong. They were built around 509 BC to around 4th century AD where some of them still exist and are in use today. These structures are characterized by columns that would support heavy beams and roofs. Vaults and arches were also seen in this structures which were combined with other building materials to achieve what they desired. A vault would be developed into a dome to make vaulted ceilings and large public spaces known as the baths and basilicas.

Baroque architecture

This architectural style was common during the baroque period, which began in the 16th-century in Italy to show the triumph of the Catholic Church during those days. The style was made from art, music and architecture. Most of these buildings are found in Latin America and Europe. The buildings looked more like sculptures defined by the walls of regular shapes or skeletal structures that would first be drawn using a pencil. The building would also contain Vaults, Arches and Buttresses, where the vaults were used to build ceilings. The building had individual parts which were; internal walls, dome, ground plan, façade, apse and many others.

These ancient buildings were very unique and still act as monuments and historical sites in various parts of the world where people go to see how they were built and their ancient beauty. Throughout history, architecture has left a legacy that will continue on for many centuries.

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