Highlights of the Waterfront Greenway

Daniel Hewes
Aug 11, 2016 · 1 min read

A recent graduate of Columbia University, Daniel Hewes holds a MS in urban planning. He also attended Northeastern University, where he earned a BA in environmental and urban studies. As a local resident, Daniel Hewes enjoys taking advantage of all that the city has to offer, including bike trails through Central Park and along the Hudson River.

The city has lots to offer the biker. One popular route is the Waterfront Greenway, a newer path that offers great views of the skyway. The route lasts approximately seven miles and, as there is no car traffic, is very relaxing.

Editor-in-chief of Streetsblog.org and avid biker Ben Fried recommends several highlights along the route. First, he suggests bikers get caffeinated on Franklin Street. Along the route, he suggests stopping at East River State Park at North 8th Street. He also recommends departing the traditional route on York Street in order to check out some of the historic cobblestone blocks just north of the trail that wind through Vinegar Hill and Dumbo. For food, Fried recommends Sicilian cuisine at the classic Ferdinando’s or the roof deck at Alma, when Ferdinando’s is closed on Sundays.

Daniel Hewes

Written by

Daniel Hewes is a professional and consultant working in Urban Planning and Architectural Development throughout the city of Boston. http://danhewes.com/

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