Urban Communities and Green Infrastructure

Daniel Hewes
Sep 30, 2016 · 2 min read

With a bachelor of arts in environmental and urban studies and a master’s degree in urban planning, Daniel Hewes is well-educated in the field of urban sustainability. As such, Daniel Hewes possesses a deep understanding of the challenges that cities and local governments face in their efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

But how can local governments make needed changes? Listed below are some creative strategies that cities can implement to preserve and protect the environment.

1. Communities can require mixed-use development zones that promote residential, business, and industrial co-location. A benefit of this strategy is that it increases walkability and bicycle travel. As a result, there is reduced dependency on automobiles and less traffic congestion, which leads to a reduction in air pollution.

2. Cities can also make pedestrian travel safer by modernizing street standards to create complete streets. Complete streets are designed to be safe for all users, making it easier to cross streets and to walk and bicycle to work and shops. When streets are designed only with cars in mind, transportation is limited and carbon emissions increase.

3. Stormwater runoff causes pollution in urban areas. As the water drains through engineered collection systems, it carries pollutants into nearby water bodies. However, green infrastructure imitates the natural absorption and filtration process of undeveloped areas by implementing elements and practices to manage water better and create a healthier urban environment.

Daniel Hewes

Written by

Daniel Hewes is a professional and consultant working in Urban Planning and Architectural Development throughout the city of Boston. http://danhewes.com/

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