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Asking your audience really is the best way to get genuine reviews. It’s better than the shady, artificial, system-gaming “review exchanges” in many places.

Once you start getting reviews, the best way to automatically check all of the iTunes countries (because each has its own collection of reviews) is with My Podcast Reviews.

When you have all of your reviews, thanks to a service like My Podcast Reviews, you can then thank your reviewers by name and even read a small excerpt from their review. This, alone, encourages more reviews because everyone likes to hear their name mentioned in their favorite podcasts.

Another way to get more reviews is if you can point your audience to your own /itunes URL on your domain. This is much better than saying, “find me in iTunes.” If you use this iTunes link-maker, then the URLs will open directly in iTunes.

By the way, your own iTunes link doesn’t seem to be working.

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