The biblical adage ‘build it and they will come’ may have been applicable to Noah’s ark and Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams, but the world of start-ups is a whole other ballgame. The only way your business can stand out from the crowd of wannabe Facebooks and unicorns by having a great product, and marketing it thoughtfully. In the blockchain industry, marketing requires an extra dose of creativity to overcome the boundaries placed on blockchain products by advertising platforms.

Marketing Basics

Before getting into the specifics of marketing techniques for blockchain businesses, let’s review some marketing basics. …

30 Free Marketing Courses to Help You Kill It and Get Customers for Your Business

Over the past five years, I have gone from being on the bottom rung of the startup ladder as junior marketing dude/tea bitch all the way to Head of Marketing at fast-growing, investment-backed startups.

Some of the topics covered

This, when combined with my time mentoring startups with Google Launchpad has led me to the following conclusion. Few people have a really good understanding of what marketing is, how it works and what its purpose is. …

Daniel Johnson

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