To vlog or nah.

So I’m sitting here wondering why I want to start vlogging. I’ve only recent started watching a vlog/vlogger, like for the past week off and on (but up to speed) and now I want to try and do the same.

I’ve always kind of scoffed at vlogging, vloggers, vlog-watchers thinking that in someway it’s ridiculous to video your life and equally for someone to watch your life via video. But, in saying all of this, I have a weird gut urge to start carrying a camera, staring into the lens-y abyss and sharing my life with the world.

I’ll be the first to say my life isn’t amazingly interesting, but I work a (relatively) interesting job in an exciting city that is rebuilding after an absolutely disastrous event and I’ve only been here for like 6 months. I got the job by forcing a coffee down a Partner and somehow convinced him I was the shiniest and crispest apple in the bowl. So I’m in a pretty crazy part of my life and it’s exciting, like woah. (And just quietly I’m trying to work on a move to work in the Netherlands!)

So, new job, new city, new bike, new flat in a week, new opportunities, and a desire to share my life with the internet. Let me mull on it and feel free to comment.

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