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Daniel Millsback is an integrated marketing specialist and entrepreneur, developing impactful and successful marketing strategies for a variety of business entities over a decade of experience in the field. He has been recognized time and again for his work ethic, able to balance the demands of multiple tasks in the fast-paced marketing environment and demonstrating supervisory expertise with colleagues. His marketing campaigns and integrated marketing projects are based on best practices in the industry, focusing on showcasing client products and services to help them maximize exposure to new markets. His work has assisted companies with attracting new customers, improving revenue streams and helping them to expand their operations.

Daniel also has worked for several years as an accounts management professional. In this capacity, his role was working with clients to develop new business opportunities to increase sales and to broaden market penetration.

A Priori

Millsback is a graduate of Radford University in Radford, Virginia. He holds two degrees from the institution; the first is a Bachelor of Business Administration in in Marketing Mangement, and the second is from the University’s College of Business and Economics, where he earned a B.B.A. in Management Economics.

Prior to his entrance into the fast-paced world of business, Daniel served with distinction in the United States Coast Guard. Right from the start, he stood out among his colleagues, being recognized at the Honor Graduate in his boot camp graduating company. His first unit was aboard the USCGC Polar Star, a Coast Guard Heavy Icebreaker with a home port of Seattle, Washington. Work aboard this ship took Daniel throughout the Pacific Ocean, giving him the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations like the Aleutian Islands in the Bering Sea, the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, and tropical paradises like Fiji, Honolulu, and Suva. Additional port calls Down Under gave him a chance to visit Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

His next unit in the Coast Guard was stationed in Key West, Florida. Here, Daniel and his colleagues were responsible for search and rescue operations and law enforcement. The majority of his work at this station was migrant interdiction, intercepting Cuban migrants as they tried to travel to United States waters. He served in several positions there, including time as a Weapons Petty Officer, Boarding Officer, and 1st Lieutenant.

Ad Colligenda Bona

Daniel left the umbrella of corporate life to forge his own path in 2014. He now works as an independent contractor for several prominent healthcare management firms, where he lends his considerable talents in the fields of marketing and economic management practices. He is known for being able to juggle the demands of multiple projects in a high-pressure work environment. This multitasking excellence has helped him provide assistance for many business clients over the years, developing marketing plans and promotional strategies in a timely and impactful fashion.

Ex Fida Bona

In 2015, Dan Millsback was recognized for his service by the local Marine Corps Toys for Tots organization in Springfield, Missouri. Daniel organized a record-setting toy drive, bringing together local business owners from around the region to present approximately $53,000 worth of toys for underprivileged families. He earned a Special Service Award for his efforts at the charity’s annual Christmas Celebration Awards Banquet.

Ex Post

Daniel continues to provide valuable assistance for business clients in a range of industries, from healthcare to insurance, marketing, and promotions fields. His vast experience in marketing and business management make him an asset to the organizations he works with, helping them to penetrate new client markets and increase brand awareness with time-honored strategies. Daniel’s work has been singularly beneficial to many businesses over the years, bringing in increased revenue streams for the clients fortunate enough to have experienced his marketing talents.

When he’s not helping others in the business world or his extensive charity work, Daniel’s passion is the culinary arts. He is an accomplished cook and baker, and is currently finishing up his first cookbook. He also spends time competing in volleyball throughout the Springfield, Missouri area, including beach-style leagues in the summer and indoor ones during the winter months.

Ipsissima Verba

Millsback shares news about his work and his achievements on his Twitter feed. He is active on YouTube, sharing a variety of carefully-curated videos with a large global audience on topics like accounting, management, and marketing. On his Wordpress blog entitled Marketing and Life Solutions, Daniel is able to detail some of the accounting and marketing work he has done over the years, sharing his tools for success with an active reading public.

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