Masculinity is not the PROBLEM.

The more we fight men for being men, they more they fight back in a way that becomes more DANGEROUS or even worse, they become vegetables.

BAD men are the problem. We won’t stop them by taking away their masculinity. We will end up having vegetables as men and WOMEN don’t want vegetable men (weak men), neither do CHILDREN want vegetable fathers (weak fathers).

There are men that BEAT their wives and there are men that ADORE and treat their wives as the Queens they are. The difference between the former and the latter is understanding, identity and responsibility.

A man who understands his role as a man will not beat this wife. A man who knows the true identity of a man will protect and provide for the family and a man who takes responsibility will love and cherish his wife. The same cannot be said for a man who lacks understanding, with no identity and is irresponsible.

MASCULINITY is not the problem. I assure you, every woman wants a man that can provide, protect and make progress in life. That is what masculinity is about.

And please, what a MAN can do, a woman CANNOT do better. It is not a competition. What a man should do, he should do. What a woman should do, she should do. Both can do BETTER when both become better at it.

Love always,