The Effect of Backlinks Anchor Text (SEO) on Google Play ASO (App Store Optimization) [Constantly UPDATED]

Google Play ASO is actually “very SEO”

Legend has it that backlinks (the lifelong SEO links) impact ASO (App Store Optimization) keywords rankings of Google Play Store.

  • Fiverr link building packages
  • BlackHatWorld link building packages (I guess, PBNs, profile links, web 2.0, etc)
  • Manual links from sites like Quora, Reddit, etc.
PageRank and E. Honda in Black Hat mode
«The important thing is not to stop questioning»

What happens if I redirect (301) a domain to an app URL on Google Play?

Yes, like crazy, directly from the domain registrant.

ahrefs metrics for the domain
Some domains linking to Techcrunch? WTF! ;)
Anchor text sample

Experiment: 301, Anchor Text and ASO

Before redirecting the domain towards the app, I checked the link profile of this URL and found the typical app URL profile: some APK links and that’s it.

  • (I’ve also done 301 of domain, full package!)
  • karaoke online
Keywords rankings distribution Google Play USA


TheTool — Keywords rankings 19th of September 2017

Coincidence or causality?

Causality, without any doubt. The app that has been selected for this experiment doesn’t have anything to do with cantanding and the only connection it has with ranking for these terms is the 301 redirection. I have already mentioned that there has been no on-page or on-metadata component containing terms related to “cantanding”.

SEO, Anchor text and ASO: final conclusions

According to this experiment, the SEO links and their anchor texts have an impact on Google Play ASO. How much impact? No idea, but I will keep on experimenting and collecting data.

UPDATE 21th SEPT 2017

Keywords are improving!



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