Apple Search Ads Keyword Popularity “hack” for App Store Optimization (ASO)

Apple Search Ads dashboard: Turn useless bars into percentages

A Google Chrome extension for keyword research in Apple App Store

The other day I saw this tweet about a “trick” or “hack” for Apple Search Ads (by @dchavezlive) from ThomasBCN

and shared it with Rubén Baquero. A few minutes later, Rubén surprised with a wonderful chrome web extension that turns keyword popularity (traffic) bars into percentages in Apple Search Ads dashboard:

Search popularity in numbers (percentage) for all USA App Store keywords
Search popularity in USA for “Snapchat” keyword…

This is…

Apple App Store keyword search data for App Store Optimization (ASO)!

We are integrating Apple Search Ads data in TheTool, the first Performance-Based ASO tool in the market. Haven’t you joined beta?

Do it now!

Soon, we will update the extension with new features. Stay tuned!


▶️ Apple Search Ads / App Store Optimization chrome extension

Enjoy it! (and share it with everyone 😜)

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