FIFA 18 Promises Improved Graphics Over Predecessor

Daniel Pezzola works as a delivery driver for Washingtonville Pharmacy in Washingtonville, New York. In this capacity, he is responsible for counting and delivering medications, creating orders, and ringing out customers. When he is not working, Daniel Pezzola enjoys playing the FIFA series of yearly soccer games on his PlayStation 4.

Set for release later this year, the next installment of EA’s FIFA series, FIFA 18, promises a significant graphical overhaul over last year’s entry, according to Jonas Skantz, director of Frostbite Studios. Though FIFA 18 will run on the same engine as FIFA 17, the newest entry aims to improve on everything from player skin texture to animation.

FIFA 18, which will run on the Frostbite engine, utilizes physics-based rendering to better imitate real-world illumination in order to improve graphical aspects like global illumination, reflections, and specular intensity. The engine was previously used in the shooter Battlefield 1, leading to near lifelike characters.

According to Dream Team Gaming, one of the biggest areas of improvement will likely be in character animation and post processing. Though EA will likely build off of existing player models from FIFA 17, an increased polygon count will lead to greater detail. Furthermore, team managers will be getting a much-needed upgrade to bring their quality up-to-par with player quality.

FIFA 18 will be available in late September, with EA Sports promising the “best edition” of the series yet. EA Access members will enjoy early access to the game before its general release.