Existence: What is this for?

Photo Credit: Aron Van de Pol

“I exist, that is all, and I find it nauseating.”
Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothingness

There was once a guy who said something. Once a guy who said something to make himself known. Not to the world, of course. Enough people know about him already.

No, he did it to know who he was.

Much too often, in life, we leap before we think. And while this practise is routine amongst improv Gods, there is one key element missing from this in order to make that jump reach even further.

If you know your full potential [or at least are on the high road to comprehending that fully], then you can better utilise your tools to the best of your abilities. You can conquer your enemies, dominate your romances and be content with how you look in the morning.

But you have to get your story straight and be your own biggest stalker.

In my case, I am pretty sure my Medium account is for asking the hard questions—by “hard” I mean ridiculous ones such as how many teeth do sharks need to have before we think of them any differently?—and answering them in a means that is deeper thematically than initially supposed.

But even besides that, I have many other programs and tasks that are each individually allotted to specific tasks themselves. (I’m not going to show you which is which, because I happen to believe in under-promising & over-delivering.)

You’ll have to check that out in www.dannyarchila.com. Which is still in construction, so enjoy that clip of P&R for now.

Wrappin’ it up because it’s brekky time: Existence is short and futile so why not be the expert on your own, no matter who you feel like you live for?