Home: Why it’s not so much of a bad thing after all!

I live in California. Southern California. About an hour and a half from Hollywood and one step closer to my dreams. (I met Skylar Astin! How cool is that?)

My Grandfather and my toddler Cousin Papaya; Legacy… Nice, yeah?

However, like going anywhere, sometimes being far from where your family is sorta tough. Actually, kinda hard.

Okay. I admit it. It sucks.

Granted, things were going great for me in Moorpark, CA. I had two internships with Stephen Day Music and Torque Entertainment, two paying jobs with Mendocino Farms and Ice Cream Lab, somewhat of a streak of performing stand-up comedy at Redballs Rock N’ Roll Pizza, and friends all over from Sherman Oaks to Long Beach!

But my landlady at Meadows of Moorpark needed to rent out my cabin room on her ranch for some horsing shows and I realized it was going to take a while for those Craig’s List leads to get back to me about film-slash-television jobs.

So, reluctant as I was, I viewed coming back home as more of a acknowledgement of the oncoming pit stop in my 500 mile NASCAR race! If I can repair myself — especially after that car accident I had, then surely, things will round out to be just right, if not better, by the end of 2015!

Today, I arrived in Orlando from Fort Lauderdale (horrible airport) at ten-ish. And I intend to enjoy my stay as much as possible, both with friends and family, as well as pro and creatively.

Plus, there’s some benefits in coming home for the summer! My Dad would even visit his parents in Bogotá, Colombia during the break from attending college in the Midwest U. S.!

Furthermore, I found a couple of sites that show the benefits — or rather, “effects,” coming home has on people:

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading these amazing articles as I have skimming through them. (What? I’ve other things to do too!)

Seeing nature is against my advantage here — and not just sticky, humid, weather-wise, I’m hopefully going to be able to establish a rhythmic routine to practise my skittles while on “vacation.”

For the local yokels, I’ll be in O-Town ‘till August or September. And as the kids nowadays like to say, Aayche-Ehm-Hugh.”

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