Realization: It’s been a month.

And I still can’t believe one of television’s brightest writers has left us.

Why, Harris Wittels? WHY?

You were so different! Such a spark! You were there and at the same time… You were not.

Dude, you were on such a level of Cloud 9 most of the World has merely dreamed about! Cloud 69! You were fucking everybody over, and everyone enjoyed it! Because it wasn’t that “eff” word… It was making and spreading love like a disease.

I wish I could say more, like how you’ve worked with top-notch stars, like Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman and Colton Dunn. As well as Scott Aukerman and Pete Holmes. How you’ve delivered to our generation such hilarious content and how you’ve invented the “humblebrag.”

But I, for now, am just a writer-slash-comedian who just entered Hollywood, hoping to show people my mind as successfully as you, and spread what makes life funny in a funny way. Therefore, you are not the exhaust fumes, nor the engine — because I only just heard about who you were last month — but instead, the air freshener/fuzzy dice/dancing Hawaiian girl in a lei. I will keep pushing on, as if I was pregnant with your reincarnation.

(Thank God, I’m not actually a chick.)

  • Aziz Ansari, of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, posted this touching recollection of you on tumblr.
  • Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! had your best clips
  • Finally, let’s take a moment to adore your stand-up, from back in the day.

Arr-Eye-Pee, Harr Bear. Arr-Eye-Pee.

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