Unity: Can Swedes teach universal fundamentals?

What a North Carolinan-named gal pal taught me about joyfulness

Are Charlotte’s fingers scissors?! Because she has a sharp wit!

Twenty-four hours ago, I was having the time of my life with a jovial bunch. Ray J, Kellan the Actor and this lady friend of ours, who just moved here from Stockholm, named Charlotte.

Now, let me tell you something about Charlotte. She is very unlike most people that move to the United States in the sense that she is

Literally, She is so high-energy, that even if she cuts you off in the middle of your next sentence in a conversation, it’ll only be because she’s acknowledging a thought of yours that she genuinely appreciates and shows so in a compassionate manner.

Charlotte’s a Dance and or International Business Major at Santa Monica College who enjoys longboarding, surfboarding, making new friends and food. She also happens to be a grand role model. How? Read on… or just meet her.

That works too.

Being Grateful = Being Happy

Earlier in the night, the original arrangement was supposed to be attending the free ASSSSCAT show at Upright Citizens Brigade’s Sunset Blvd. Theatre. But, because of a strict on-time policy, these cats had to close doors, seven PM, on the dot! So although my friends were able to enter the show on-time — because I dropped them off while I looked for parking — I was cut-off like the trashed remnant of an umbilical cord. Yet, to my surprise, all three of my friends actually exited the show that was about to start, and star the incredible Zach Woods, just because they couldn’t bear the thought of ditching me!

I was impressed and although Kell and Ray seemed a tad dismayed, Charlotte was as exuberant as ever. Later on, I asked her if she ever felt homesick of her home country, she replied to me, “Um… Maybe at first, but now? Not really.” I was stunned. Sweden has a much better lifestyle than the U.S. Why would she be happier here where no one knows her?

I am just grateful to be in this country. To be in this town. I never knew I’d meet so many beautiful souls here.

Catched the word? “Grateful.” It’s been proven that people who are more thankful for their surroundings tend to be happier! So why not do that? Why not change the recipe of perceiving life as a drudgery?

(Because you’re on your deathbed? That’s literally the only valid reason. Stop worrying so much, Self. Gosh.)

Spontaneity can create good first impressions

There was one point in the night, before we went to Amoeba Music, where she actually wanted to say hello to my father. Granted, I thought that this was a joke at first, but when I cheerfully asked my own pops if he wanted to greet such a person, he full-heartedly accepted! And so they did! I figure they must’ve had a sidebar of their own for almost half an hour! (With continued practise, she might even be able to nail it as an improvisational actress.) Of course, both my daddy-o and Charlotte said only the highest-quality stuff about each other and what impressed me was that it was completely ad-lib.

Too often in life, we stay remiss and fail to take advantage of prime opportunities to prove our worth to ourselves as we show our beliefs about life to the audience around us. This is due to things like fear, anxiety, shyness or sometimes, even an overly-smug, “I’m better than all of you” mentality. If we are to progress in life, then we would benefit from learning to let go of these vices and simply do things, just for the helluvit!

Compliments make the World go Round

There was a joint for ice cream, appropriately called MILK on Melrose Avenue; but after that, Charlotte wanted to go eat at Chipotle. (Our mutual friend, Elizabet, brainwashed her into thinking that was the only way the human race would survive.)

Luckily, I was able to interject and coerce her and Ray J to try the most exquisite ramen to ever grace our mouths, at Tatsu Ramen. And even if she did grab the lowest costing item, the way she enjoyed that face at the bottom of the bowl — you had to be there to see it — was even more “finger-licking” good than Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It took her a while to comprehend my obsession with putting local, gimmicky, mom ’n’ pop, foodie joints as top priority, but once she did, I must say she sure showed her appreciation as I drove her back. Not to mention loyalty to help me stay up or catch a nap at a McDonald’s whilst I started feeling drowsy on the road.

And that’s what we all should do. Yeah, our friends are overbearing, and needless to say, total drama queens (me included.) But they’re our friends for a reason and when it pays off, it pays off big time. Isn’t that what life is anyway? Sticking around for the sake of the good times and working towards them, therefore? I think that’s special when a person realizes this.

Overall? Yes, they, like any other individual, most certainly can instill within the logic of understanding, per surroundings. And Charlotte is no exception. If anything? Follow the leader.

Surfer girl’s going places.