Why History is a Mystery to Me?

Don’t even get me started on Environmental U. S.

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Mr Cup / Fabien Barral

An excerpt:

“Earth is dynamic. With respect to the definition, it’s an ever-changing planet we’re lucky to inhabit. North America, in particular, gains potent solar exposure all across their fertile temperate climate zone. Yet, with all the wheat soybeans, corn and other crops just waiting to be harvested, one may wonder how did our American ancestors cultivate amongst tedious farming methods and unpredictable weather patterns? While abundance has been achieved, centuries later, it’s derivative of adaptation, perseverance and compromise that our United States of America holds notoriety as ‘the World’s Breadbasket.’ ”

My essay got 50 points out of 175 for “insufficient content.” Excuse me, Ms. Borghei (I enjoy pronouncing it like “BO-gee”,) but I like to refer to my one-sentence paragraphs as “streamlined excellence in minimalist realisation.”

In other words, I think the development of farming from the colonial age of America is a dull doldrum pounding sleep signals in my cranium. This is ironic, as my girlfriend (WHOM I ADORE) is a Poli-Sci Major… Yet, the truth of the matter is that when I — eventually — graduate from college, I will never use my knowledge of corn-husking techniques nearly as much as I will use my girlfriend.

Benevolent or not.

I type as a raw human being; for it is greater folly to deny your capability to dupe the thousands whilst hiding beneath a meek veneer than to blindly follow suit as a mindless and harmless brute.

This is what I learned from the course so far:

  • Borghei comes in right on time. If only class ended so immediately.
  • When “really quick” is mentioned, it’s REALLY long.
  • Delightful calligraphy doesn’t make a difference in how badly you’re graded.
  • African Americans suffered harvesting rice in the slave ages.
  • The one movie that showed during class came on after Borghei showed us a Powerpoint “really quick.”

But I’m gonna stick it and hopefully I can “bace” this class. That’s like acing a class but with a “barely B-grade.”