Paralympic Alpine Skiing Competition Types

Daniel Reardon graduated from the University of Minnesota, where he studied economics. Currently, he serves as co-CEO and trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he manages all aspects of the firm’s grant making and investment operations along with the other trustees. Outside of his professional commitments at Otto Bremer, Daniel Reardon participates in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and skiing.

In the winter sport of skiing, competitors race down snow-covered ground on skis, which are long, flexible pieces of hard material. Practiced worldwide, the sport is now a Paralympic discipline that encompasses several different event types.

Downhill skiing features a long, downhill course with gates, which athletes must navigate for the fastest possible time. Slalom and giant slalom are similar event types but are held on shorter courses than downhill events and include more gates. A third event type, Super G, is another speed event with a course that is shorter than downhill events but longer than slalom. Lastly, the super combined event combines characteristics of several of these skiing competition types into one.

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