Barreling Down the Slippery Slope

This is my open letter message to all Americans, but in particular republicans. Furthermore, it’s a call to action, a please for sanity and the sanctity of our nation to those republicans who voted for, but did not fully support, Donald J. Trump; those republicans who voted for him because he had an R next to his name.

We sit here, several months into the Trump administration and continue to have new revelations pop up, nearly hourly. A word cloud of the news coverage of the past five months would likely have UNPRECEDENTED filling half the page. We’ve seen the news cycles swirl around stories, barely getting through one without another popping up, we’ve all woken up to a Trump twitter tirade. It has all been entertaining, sure. It has been tiring for some, aggravating for others. I certainly don’t envy the writers of shows like House of Cards or Veep, as their job has required a whole lot more creativity in this administration.

But it’s time to face the proverbial elephant in the room.

Regardless of your stance on this administration or the last, or any other administration since Reagan, this current administration is anything but respecting of the office. We’ve seen nearly every boundary pushed, toyed with and crossed. All with few peeps from congressional republicans. Each boundary is tested and pushed, like a cat pushing a glass toward the edge of a table, you know it is going to push it over, it’s just a matter of time.

Ignoring the looming cloud of the Russia investigation; there are still a huge amount of issues that we’ve seen with this administration. Currently the Trump administration is refusing to release the documentation of their ethics waivers to the Office of Governmental Ethics [NYT], something we’ve never seen before. Jared Kushner, the star-boy of the administration, is being accused of providing false information on his SF86 security clearance forms, lying about $1,000,000,000 of outstanding loans and contacts with foreign nationals [NYT]. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is accused of the same falsehoods on his clearance disclosures [WaPo] and, despite recusing himself from the Russia investigation, made the recommendation to Trump to fire James Comey. Trump has embarrassed our nation at every turn. This week, he again lectured NATO leaders about paying their share (while said leaders laughed and giggled at a man who managed to bankrupt a CASINO!). He’s invited Russian diplomats (including one of the diplomats that sits at the center of the entire Russia investigation) into the Oval Office while keeping the American press out [WaPo]. He’s disrespected the White House press core and attempted to delegitimize their reporting, calling everything he doesn’t like “Fake News” [Too many time to source]. He’s declassified top secret internationally-shared intel to foreign nationals (again, Russians…) [WaPo]and endangered our intel-sharing operations and agreements[CNN]. He’s made enemies of our allies and made allies with autocrats and the worst-of-the-worst [WaPo]. He’s commended men who have bragged about personally extra-judicially killing their citizens [CNN], yet failed to condemn serious crimes on his own nation’s soil.

Unprecedented is no longer an acceptable adjective.

Unpresidented fits much better. This administration has pushed and pushed and still… nothing has happened. No reprimands, no actions. Only a peep from a few congressional republicans (namely John “highly-disappointed” McCain[Almost weekly statement from McCain]). As it stands, Mr. Trump still currently remains in breach of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, with absolutely no sign of ever changing. And that is the problem. Since August 2016, we’ve been waiting for that elusive “presidential pivot”. That moment when Donnie-boy looks up, acknowledges that he holds the weight of the world on his shoulders, and is the most powerful man in the world and remembers the prestige and respect that should be bestowed on the office. We’ve all been waiting for him to put down his phone, stop tweeting stupid things, and respect the position. For anyone still hoping this will happen, please stop. It won’t happen. It never will happen. What do they say about old dogs? Donnie is 70 years old, he’s remained unaccountable to anyone in his entire life. Just like we’ll never (willingly) see his tax returns, we’ll never see that turn-around.

And that would be fine, but the willful disregard for the actions, inactions and traditions of the office is concerning. I hate slippery-slope arguments, but at this point we’re oiled up and half-way down a slip-and-slide in San Francisco. Unless we act… unless republicans act, we’ll never have that respect returned to the office. Why would we? The current administration is showing that there are no consequences for actions. “We won, we’re in charge, too bad” is the rally cry of the redhat-republicans. That is not acceptable, that is not sustainable.

And this doesn’t just apply to Trump.

Had Hillary or Bernie or even Ralph Nader won and acted this way, I’d be right there, rallying and calling for their resignation. That is why it is a concern, I don’t want the next democratic president to be like this, I don’t want to have to rally for that. This ultimately shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It should be an American issue, and a concern for all citizens. It’s absolutely essential that we hold our executive office and the administration to the highest standard, and hold them accountable for their actions. Because in the end, if we don’t, boundaries will be pushed too far, it will exceed the patience of the public and it will not end well.

In the end, this is just a plea for sanity. A plea for everyone to look at the administration with open unbiased eyes and acknowledge that things aren’t exactly on the up-and-up. Call your representative, call your senator, ask them to hold Trump accountable. Demand action, demand condemnation, demand some sanity. Make politics boring again.