Looking Back & Looking Forward

Every year I’ve written down some version of my resolutions (more on that later), but something I believe I missed was to review:

What happened in my life this year?

If you review any action, event, or experience, it can help you improve by:

  1. Questioning yourself about better ways to do anything;
  2. Analyzing the reasoning behind that decision, What was the context? Who are you now vs “yesterday”;
  3. To be grateful for having another moment of breath for everything you’ve accomplished.

So this is it:


From Law 2 PM 2 Head of Product: 3 Years ago, I was a lawyer divorcing people. Last year I had the opportunity to be a Product Manager, but this year I was honored to become Head of Product at @Paybook from leading a team of 4–5, now I’m supporting over 15 people.

Favorite Product Management Books: Here

Idea 2 Product 2 Business: Oct 2016.- A friend tells me the “UBER for the Nightclub Industry” was an idea from a friend of his, and they needed a Product Guy. I was the 3rd to join Noble, we wrote the 1st PRD, no funding, all bootstrapped NobleApp is now live at 7+ Venues, at Wang the biggest theater in Boston, and at Royale the biggest nightclub in Boston. We launched June 2nd the iOS app and Bartender App (iPad), and now we have Android, and a sexy Webapp called NightGraph :)

Hospitality Business Book: here

Financial Social Media: What if you could be able to see your Local Government expenses with good UX? or from your favorite Non-Profit? This is still in “we-need-to-figure-it-out-how-to-make-it-scale” but we’ve launched an MVP Glass Social. Imagine bringing Fuerza Mexico donations, and being able to track all that money from and for the earthquake? Full-on Social Transparency.

Favorite Startup Books: here

Crypto Aggregation: What if you bring BTC and ETC into “Mexican” Mint? We are bringing Coinbase, Gemini, and Bitso into Glass; many things will come around this in 2018.

Local-e Thank you for everything! Local-e is a User Generated Content we launched (Mili, etc), and this year we decided to put it on hold, due to challenges of scale, profitability, and mainly focus. Miss you guys ❤

100k+ FB Organic Growth: Even though we put it on hold, and shut down Local-e it was an amazing ride, Mili our Growth Leader managed to bring this to another level.

Favorite Growth Article: Here


Dashboards & Analytics Last year I was using Periscope Data a.k.a $1000USD a month and when you are bootstrapping that’s impossible. My top analytics tools to start cheap:

  1. Statsbot: Simple Google analytics to Slack what it was great was that you were able to connect for free to your DB, and run SQL queries and export them to Slack.
  2. Metabase: I will be forever in debt with Drew, Metabase is an open-source analytics, you can create unlimited dashboards, uffff such a beauty.

Favorite Analytics Book: Here

ICO & Tokenization I’ve immersed myself more into Crypto, now that I’m in London, I hope I learn way more.

If you want to learn about crypto check this out: Here


London We just moved to London, and I’m so stoked about it. Any suggestions?

Remote Work I’ve been working remotely for over a year now! Thanks to that we lived in Mexico City, travel around Cancun, and the main reason we moved to the UK.

Proud of my sister.

VLOGGING I started a Youtube Channel which is a pain in the ass to grow and keep high-quality content, but hey, I enjoy it so much!

Music Roberto and I got paid to record a song haa, Crazy right You can listen to it here: Link

Travel Well it was a pretty amazing year!


The things I want to remember for 2018:

  1. Stop caring so much about what people think;
  2. Go back to the GYM, spending 80% of your time on your laptop looks cool on Medium but not on your belly;
  3. Meditate 10X;
  4. Give back to the community, everything you know is because of an open-source call online knowledge;
  5. Write more;
  6. Publish more;
  7. Be less perfectionist;
  8. Don’t drown your drone again; and
  9. Focus on making clear what parts of your day are within your control, what can you influence vs.the ones you can’t, you not only will be happier, but you will put yourself over the people who fight the unwinnable battle

Thanks! :)

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