Mexican Attitude

I’ve been living in Mexico City for almost month and a half and besides the fact that is ranked as the 2016 1# travel destination by the NY Times.

I have noticed something interesting here in CDMX, people that live here not quite love the city. About 80% of defeños tell me “You will hate this city in 3 months” or something like “lol you like it because you just arrived, wait a couple of months.” But something interesting is the other 20% says, “Man this is a great city, you could never get bored, it has its problems but you’ll love it”.

When I started noticing this, I challenged myself to find out why most people were so pessimistic towards the city and to someone who was embracing this awesome city.

Lucky for me a week later I found myself with 7 chilangos talking about how great I thought the city was. It wasn’t long before somebody piped up and said, “it’s because you just arrived, wait and see…” And then another one “yes man! The traffic…” amongst an echo of agreement from the others. Quickly followed by “and politics, the government, pollution etc”.

After the “how much CDMX sucks” brainstorming concluded, I observed that most people hate the following things:

1) Traffic — Time it takes moving from A to B.

2) Excess of people — (Naturally the reason for traffic) but also how there is no water in the city, or how travelling on the metro can get so crazy.

3) Government & Politics — Well who doesn’t?

What I told them is that in fact those things suck big time, and in MTY we also had our MTY sucks list. Well no fucking place is perfect right? Just imagine how damn boring that would be.

The reality is that traffic will not stop, in fact, it will increase here and everywhere. We have reached the point where, due to the ever increasing population, instead of constructing horizontally we must do it vertically.

Welcome, skyscraper condos.
Yolanda Sun — Unsplash

Government & Politics are as subjective as my law degree. Who is the perfect candidate? Minority vs majority? Liberal vs conservative? It is just as fucking circumstantial as how much salsa you want on your taco.

But there is just one thing that could change everything… You know that traffic, population, and politics will stay the same, but your attitude towards them will define the outcome of things.

Do you hate traffic? Get your ass on a bike and go to the office. Ah, you live 50 minutes away? Well, make a badass playlist for the car! Do you hate the population rate? Observe other people’s realities, be empathic or just laugh about it. I saw a guy on the metro with a suit, he was dripping sweat from every pore in his body. He made my day!

Or simply wonder about the person in front of you…what’s their story? How did they get here?

At the end if you can’t change your reality, either because you need the job or the money, remember it is only on you to change the lens with which you see it. The lens will define how you want those snapshot to be remembered.

P.S. My iPhone was stolen three days ago (Metrobus you suck), and yet life continues! If you are in CDMX write me so we go for a torta de chilaquiles (a.k.a. Mexican schnitzel chilaquiles Baguette)

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