Week 4 — Assignment 1

Summary/Client Requirements & Goals

I chose the Close Shave Barber shop. They don’t have a online presence at all, want a facebook/instagram page to go along with their website, an interactive map and also some booking system.
They want a site that will bring them more customers since they mainly rely on walk ins.

Target Audiences

This website is mainly targeted at the older male group, but at the same time should also target the 18+ male group.

Technical Requirements

The client pack is asking for a booking system for their site so the customer can easily book an appointment.
For this project I am going to use a custom build for this website, for this project it seems to be the best plan of attack because it is a smaller website.

Market Research

After doing a bit of research on other barber websites, they all have a rustic look to them, they also like to show off their work with big eye catching photos.

I got some design inspiration from these two websites:

The websites have a clean and neatly set out design, the photos on the front page are some of their work and also their shop.


With my client pack they are looking for a booking system, I am thinking of using a third-party booking system that I can hopefully embed into my website, if that’s not an option I will just have to link it to open in a new page.
I am still thinking of what I will do with the Facebook and Instagram account they want and how I could integrate them.

Evaluation Social Media Options

Integrating social media onto your website is a easy way for your customers to quickly get access to your social media accounts and vice versa. There is alot you are able to do with social media and websites such as a live feed of comments on photos or posts (You are able to reply from the website and it will show on Facebook), photos uploaded on social media will automatically be added to your website.
But there is a downside, don’t overwhelm yourself thinking alot of social media can help, this means you will have to update every one if you want to show of photos and such, this can lead to accounts being left without nothing being updated and if the customers go to that account it might not be very encouraging for them to go to the business.

My client pack asks for a Facebook page and a Instagram page, these would be most suitable for a barber shop and no others would really suit it reasonably

Design Sketches

Client Questionnaire