Startup entrepreneurs have access to many mentors in a like-minded community, what about support for startup WIVES/Partners?!

Often during times of curiosity to see who else is out there the Google search button can seem like a magic 8 ball. Sometimes you get a result you like and sometimes you don’t. When I Googled startup wives I instantly heard crickets. A few random posts from 2013 and 2014 but not much! Given the innovation age we are in I can’t imagine being the only startup wife/partner looking for support! Who else has chalk marker writing all over the windows in their house?! We are not the typical dynamic of a startup vibe, we are in our 30's, have 2 kids and 8 months into marriage! My husband is the founder, while I still have a full time job. Being raised from a corporate culture this has been quite the journey!

October 2014 when it all started

I’m married to one of the most positive people I’ve ever met — I, on the other hand am a little more on the conservative side of risk taking. I thought I was a risk taker until I met him. My family in the corporate world definitely sculpted a lot of my beliefs about careers and companies. The philosophy there was, after you graduate, find a job with 401k & benefits and you’ve landed yourself a pretty great job! Well in hindsight that sounds like quite of the comfort zone.

Having married an Entrepreneur the everyday life of uncertainty is quite a trip! My mantra at one point was “the quality of my life is directly proportional to the quality of my relationship with uncertainty.” What is uncertainty? Uncertainty is a situation which involves imperfect and / or unknown information. This definition throws my innate corporate structure wayyyyy off! However this definition DRIVES an entrepreneur. Talk about worlds colliding. Colliding and leaving a lasting impression like a crater would.

Living lean and bootstrapping a company as newlyweds was quite the chapter. We had roommates weeks after we got married — his co-founder, wife, 5 year old, cat and turtle. Some how, some way we made it 3 months. That chapter is one in itself. However the common denominator of all of these chapters is being challenged, growing, persevering and believing.

Living lean (except for Vueve aiding in a milestone celebration)

My dad used the word “persevere” quite often when I was growing up. I didn’t know what it truly meant until I met my husband. ‘SteadfastnessInDoingSomethingDespiteDifficultyOrDelayInAchievingSuccess’ — should be his middle name.

I would imagine there to be quite a few women out there married or dating a startup tech guy or entrepreneur thinking this is nuts….but fun….and exciting…and so different…and then incremental steps turn into milestone moments and you learn the importance of savoring those moments. I’ve grown so much by this experience and it hasn’t even been a year. Good days and bad, I wouldn’t trade it for anything different, not even corporate structure.

Tons to write about but would love to rally up some more startup wives/partners for some real support of trials, tribulations and successes! Life isn’t easy and one thing I strongly believe in is doing what I can to prevent anyone from ever feeling like they don’t have support.

Well as a startup wife, I am seeking support of other like minded partners who have married into this riveting, uncertain rollercoaster ride of a career — rather than sulking, I want to create support.

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