I am currently a primary school student at ACU (Australian Catholic University). When I was young my dream job was to become an interior designer, however after receiving my diploma in ‘Early Childhood Education and Care’ and doing work experience in child care centers I realized that I truly wanted to become a primary school teacher in the future. Receiving my diploma was my inspiration for going to university as it allowed me to gain a sense of connection with children. Although I did not decide to study interior design, it is still one of my interests. Other interests include sports, mainly running and art. I believe that the awesome thing with teaching is that I will be able to teach the subjects in which I am interested and passionate about even though I was not able to pursue them.

So why did i decide not to do interior design? After I graduated from college and received my diploma in early childhood, my dream job shifted to become teaching, being with children gave me so much energy (I know it sounds crazy and hard to believe as little children usually drain your energy) but this was not the case for me, I loved it, it was the most fun I had and that is when I knew that my dream job was to either become a child care educator or a primary school educator

I absolutely love going to university. It has allowed me to make new friends with fellow students and has been a great opportunity to meet new people and make it a fun experience. However, things to get full on some times and I start to feel like that I can no longer continue. In times like that I remember my older brother, last year my brother graduated at University of Sydney and is now an architect. Seeing him up on stage on graduation day made me so proud of him and that is one of my motivations to continue university and make my family proud too.

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