• All work in this blog is my own blog, except where references or linked

I am currently a university student at Australian Catholic University studying ‘Bachelors of Education (Primary)’. The purpose of this blog is to be able to share any thoughts and ideas within the blog posts for fellow primary education teachers/students or other individuals to read. I aim to provide students and other individuals with blog posts that include any of my ideas or thoughts on certain educational related discussions or news. I have created this blog in order to provide individuals with go-to blog posts that focus on education and what inspires me to become a teacher.

Any feedback is accepted and appreciated within the blog posts. I believe it is important for all students to get together within Medium and read each other’s blog posts to gain inspiration and ideas. I also find it beneficial in providing feedback as there is a large amount of learning that can be acquired within the blog posts. I strongly believe that all university students blogging can strengthen the connection and understanding between each other which is the inspiration behind this blog. Another inspiration and purpose to my blog is to better my thinking and writing skills. Continuously writing blog posts may help individuals in bettering their writing skills as they are being exposed to it more frequently and provides more room for thinking.

Through Medium, I wish to meet new individuals with similar interests in order to connect and create new friendships with other individuals. This may allow for myself and fellow bloggers to learn together and from each other by inspiring one another throughout the posts.

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