“Not My Presidents’ Day”

This past Presidents’ Day, there were rallies against Trump and his victory in the 2017 election. This seemed to have been a perfect day to victimize and speak against Trump and his new policies. Protestors created signs and even t-shirts to all join together and to create a movement against Trump. CNN and Fox News seemed to have different opinions about these protests. With these two opposite news networks; gatekeeping, diction, and the use of different types of pictures created an article completely different than the other.

To start off, the title for the CNN article showed they favored the protests. They used a word like “rally” to show that everyone was united and celebrating that they all dislike Trump. CNN also described the protestors as “strong” with their anti-Trump message. They also used direct quotes from protestors to show their anger and emotion towards the new president and used this in the beginning of their article for readers to read first. Having this article stacked this way creates a mood for the reader and the article to make a statement. The pictures in the article also showed that they are against trump because they show two young women smiling with their posters that were against Trump.

In contrast, Fox News took a different route. The article barely quotes any protestors or has any pictures of them like CNN did. The use of diction also made their opinion sound different. They said the protesters were speaking against his “aggressive efforts to secure U.S. borders from terror attacks”. The use of the word “secure” makes it seem like Fox thinks banning groups of people are a great idea as well. They then barely talk in detail about the protests but just briefly say what the protest was about and where it was.

In all, these two articles were very different because of their opinions of Trump. They didn’t just say “I agree with our new president” or “I don’t”, but they subtly brought their opinions to surface with certain words and what they decided was important to add to an article. The use of diction and gatekeeping made two distinct emotions towards Trump between CNN and Fox News.

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