The Optimized Self: 30 days on Alpha BRAIN

“Alpha BRAIN is a balanced nootropic created from scientifically tested Earth grown ingredients to specifically activate vital areas of neurotransmission.”

A string of big scientific words used to fool the average misinformed consumer or do these godly pills actually work? I remember the first time I heard about Onnit’s Alpha BRAIN on Joe Rogans’s Podcast. He spoke about his vivid dreams and how “nootropics” skyrocketed his focus to new heights. The gullible consumer in me was hooked — I was curious.

Unfortunately shipping to Canada wasn’t an option but recently the topic of Alpha BRAIN popped back up so I took the plunge. I’ve been so obsessed with being focused that I’ve steadily grown an addiction to discovering tiny tidbits of life hacks. Whether it’s eating a tablespoon of natural peanut butter to reduce morning fatigue or microwaving eggs to save time (credits to Tim Ferriss). I’m just focused on being focused.

Another topic that has been lingering on my mind lately are lucid dreams. I’ve heard stories about how great they are. Being able to take control of your dream and performing beyond the limits of reality. I have never experienced such a thing, yet. Although this goal is a long shot, I’ve come prepared for battle. I’ve equipped myself with a handy dandy notepad and pen beside my bed. The plan is to write down my dreams as vividly as possible, the second I wake up. This is because the memory of your dream immediately fades after wake. My hopes is that Alpha BRAIN will also play a significant roll in conjuring up my first lucid dream.

I finally purchased Alpha BRAIN on the weekend and it arrived in my mail today. Tomorrow morning I’ll be taking my first dose. I’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned!

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