Tools that will help any student get that A they want!

Have you ever struggled studying for a test?

Are you a visual learner?

Are you lost as to what the best way to study is?

Well there is help! There are numerous study tools online available for public use that will help you with your study process.

Some of these tools include; GoConqr, Quizlet, Evernote, Marinara Timer, and much more!

One tool that I like to use is Quizlet. Quizlet is an online tool that allows you to create custom flashcards. You are given blank cards so you can customize them with content you learned in class. Quizlet has set it up so that you can enter a term, then enter the definition. You don’t need to only do definitions though, you can write whatever you want in the blank spaces. Quizlet also allows you to create classes so that you can study with your friends, or create folders for each one of your classes.

I find Quizlet very useful, as you study when you are making the flashcards and then test yourself once they are complete. It is also much more interactive and fun than just writing notes on a piece on paper or in a word document.

Since it’s November, all University students know what is coming up…Exams! I recently made a Quizlet for my Digital Skills and Innovation course (EID100). In order to make my study set, I chose a cool image that related to course content. The image I chose was of a lock to represent the chapter on Online Privacy & Security. You don’t have to put an image, you can put a diagram as well. On the diagram, you can put points with information but the information will not appear unless you scroll over the points. Apart from the visual aspect of this set, I chose 10 terms I learnt this semester in my class and wrote the definition for them. Quizlet also allows you to add images for the definitions and change the language.

After you have your definitons written down, you can change the order of them so you are forced to learn the definitions and not remember the order of them. Since the tool is online, Quizlet will even say the word and definition for those who are audio learners.

Once you publish your Quizlet, you can choose from various learning types such as: learn (this is a multiple choice question), flashcards, write the answers, spell (the question is said to you, as opposed to you reading it), test, match, and a mini game called Gravity.

Here is a link to my Quizlet so that you can see how it works and you can use it to study too!

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