Q4 2014 Startup Investment at Highest Point In 10 Years

Driven By Mega-Rounds and Private Equity

Danielle Morrill
2 min readJan 3, 2015

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This analysis shares early results from “Startup Funding: Historical Analysis 2005–2014″ and you can pre-order the full report for just $5 or pay-what-you-want. On February 2nd we will release the full report, including geographical, industry, and portfolio analysis.

As the research and analysis process for this funding report continues, I find it fascinating to observe the concentration of capital around later stage deals. While discussion of deal volume and bubbly valuations at the early stage is a popular topic of conversation, it is the late stage mega-rounds that have been driving up total dollars invested into startups over the past 3 quarters.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, 11 startups received funding in 12 mega-deals reported to be $100M or more, totaling $4 Billion dollars. Rather than rank them by deal size, this list is ordered by their Mattermark Growth Scores. You can sign in to your Mattermark Professional account or start your 15 day free trial today to explore the underlying metrics.

Mega-Rounds > $100M in Q4 2014

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This in-depth analysis will look at data behind trends like the rise of seed rounds that look like Series As, introduction of micro VC and proliferation of the startup incubator/accelerator model, massive private equity deals replacing IPOs, the changes in timing between rounds, round sizes, geographical distribution of investment and much more.

We will also explore the survival, exit and death rates of startups in different regions, industries and specific investor portfolios.

Methodology Notes

This report includes only funding rounds in private companies in the United States. Additionally, it excludes funding in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy and clean technology companies.

Mattermark is an independent research platform used by the world’s leading private investors. We encourage you to perform your own research and analysis, and all the underlying data from this report can be accessed by Mattermark Professional subscription holders. Sign up to try free for 15 days.