Request for Startup: Decision Bin (Turn My Email Into a List of Decisions to Make)

Danielle Morrill
Jul 11, 2015 · 1 min read

I have an executive assistant and one of the things he does it help me prioritize and process my email so I can get back to people more efficiently and not let important stuff slip through the cracks.

Sorry Jordan, but I’m gonna tell people how to write software to do a part of your job. Don’t worry, if they do then you’ll never have to do this task again and you can work on more exciting stuff!

So, how it works:

  1. Go through the inbox
  2. Triage emails into URGENT, ACTION, and INFO
  3. Produce a list (we use a Google Doc spreadsheet) of decisions that need to be made. Provide a dropdown of default decisions that are frequently made like “take that meeting?” with simple Yes/No and also have a free-form box for the exceptions (and that box can learn and turn those things into defaults later)
  4. Connect a workflow to each decision. Most of them are just canned Gmail responses, maybe we slight personalizations.
  5. For the ones that don’t have clear workflows, take a stab at writing a draft response and then leave it in my DRAFTS folder for me to finish.

Okay. Go. appears to be available.

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