Reverse General Solicitation

What if I did all my investing this way?

Danielle Morrill
1 min readMay 1, 2014

A couple months ago I jotted down some startups I wished were in my portfolio of angel investments in “My Fantasy VC Portfolio”. Then an amazing thing happened, I got to invest in 2 of them!

What if more startup investors switched things around, writing publicly about companies they wished they could invest in and why? In both cases where I ended up investing, I had no idea they were fundraising. By sending a signal out that I was interested they were able to find me and let know.

I’m trying to figure out why more people don’t do this, especially in the case of an angel investor who might have no relationship with the founders yet. It’s a great way to get the founders attention, and also immediately demonstrates value by bringing an audience to check out the company.