Startup CEO Seeks Executive Assistant.

How the Role Works

Some of the Things You’ll Do

  • Managing my agenda as a gatekeeper against any waste of time
  • Booking professional and personal travel
  • Making sure all expenses are properly recorded
  • Making sure I eat lunch (I know, but it is actually one of the biggest reasons I’ve identified why I have an unproductive day…)
  • Coordinating lunches and dinners with my senior team, key customers and partners, and other constituents
  • Collecting and driving a list of key decisions I need to make each day, such as: things I need to sign, documents to review, important emails, invitations, deadlines, reminders, etc.
  • Coordinating events in the office where I am hosting including startup poker, monthly community happy hours, recruiting meet and greets
  • Taking on random tasks that are important to me but difficult to complete in between a day fully booked with meetings

What I’m Like to Work With

The Long Term

Please email with your cover letter (e.g. a personal letter from you on why this role would be a meaningful next step in your career and your professional happiness) as well as your resume.

CEO & Cofounder of @Mattermark

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Danielle Morrill

Danielle Morrill

CEO & Cofounder of @Mattermark

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